Man defined technology and its role in our lives, but increasingly this has reversed

Hulger brings humanity back into the equation, with functionality no longer playing the lead role. The simplicity of Hulger products allows the form, feel and personality to preside.

Hulger is a celebration of our innate playfulness, with this humour forming a central part of the company’s personality. These traits, combined with high standards of quality and design, resists a definition of "novelty". Hulger isn't just a one liner.

At inception the option was there to ride the wave of interest, pile the phones high, sell them cheap, make a small fortune and move onto the next thing.

This didn't feel right, so instead the company chose to develop a name based on its' founding philosophy and to build that name through every product and project undertaken from that moment forward

Technology products usually build in obsolescence and we are often all too happy to upgrade, seduced by new, teeny, tiny, shiny boxes of empty promises

These product's perfections are fleeting, lasting only until the first scratch or blemish, the first chip of fake metallic paint. The first day is great but it's downhill from there, like a poorly matched celebrity coupling.

Hulger are conscious that their products should wear in not wear out, and should avoid rapid obsolescence by steering clear of technologies likely to go out of date or become incompatible. A Hulger handset will work for many years and will always have an application. Will your mobile phone? Your PC?

So far Hulger's main enquiry has concentrated on telecommunications, however the company will soon move onto the abundance of other technologies that can be transformed into something more pleasurable, personal and poetic